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Wireless AP Standards

ABC Unified has adopted NEW wireless access point standards for all schools.

Standard Wireless Access Point
DWL-2230AP - $282
This cost includes tax, shipping and the associated costs for the hardware required to centrally manage all your school's new AP's. This will make your wireless network remotely supportable via our IT staff.

Supporting Documentation
by IT Support Technician - Joey Machado

1. Background Problem
Without a standard for wireless access points, the district has accumulated a vast array of wireless devices with inconsistent and sometimes insecure configurations. To allow for faster installation and troubleshooting by the IT staff, consistency of wireless hardware is needed. Additionally, there is a need for better wireless security by ensuring that all wireless networks are password protected and that rogue devices can be detected.

2. Solution
The standard wireless access point system is the D-Link XStack Series of Wireless Switches and Access Points. The D-Link system meets the district’s needs and is more cost effective than comparable systems.

3. System Components included within the $282 / AP
a. Wireless Switch (DWS-3227) Need 1 per 50 Access Points.
b. Wireless Switch License Upgrade (DS-750) Need 1 per switch
c. Access Point ( DWL-2230AP)

4. System Layout
The Wireless Switches (DWS-3227) are placed at the District Office.
The Access Points (AP) are placed where they are needed at the school sites and connect to the district's Wireless Switches through the existing district network infrastructure. The IT staff will perform site surveys to determine best placements and number of required AP devices.
After installation, the IT staff will create wireless site maps containing the location of each access point at a site for future troubleshooting.

5. System Highlights
a. Centralized Management
- All the access points can be controlled from the switch’s interface by district IT staff.
b Consistent Settings - All access points can be easily configured with the same settings and configuration changes only need to be made once for all access points.
c. Enhanced Security - If an access point is maliciously reset, it does not open up the network like most other access points would do. Additionally, the access points are not functional without a switch, which makes them less vulnerable to theft

6. Estimated Installation and Configuration Time
For each access point = 1 hour


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