ABC Unified School District


Mission Statement

Our vision of technology is guided by the following mission statements and articulates ABC Unified School District's purpose and function:

Make technology a part of learning activities: Technology is most effective when integrated as one component into learning environments and used as a tool for active construction of knowledge and skills by students. It should promote higher levels of critical and creative thinking and problem solving. Drill and practice of small amounts of information by individual students should be minimized. In addition, student workstations need to be in classrooms and other locations where students and teachers have easy access throughout the day.

Provide ongoing staff and curriculum development: Intensive staff and curriculum development are critical to realize the potential of new learning technologies. An ongoing update of technology plans and staff skills will be needed.

Promote the location and use of information to solve problems: Effective use of and improved access to technology are factors in the rapid expansion of knowledge today. Therefore, the ability to find and use information to solve meaningful problems is an essential outcome of education for today and tomorrow. Technology will enable schools, teachers, parents and citizens to change toward helping people "learn how to learn" on a life-long basis. 

Accommodate individual learning styles for all students: Restructuring of information into interactive multimedia provides assistance to learn with individual styles and paces customized to our needs. It allows us to present and understand information using text, images and sound to overcome traditional learning difficulties.

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