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HS Technology Graduation Requirement

I. The Board Policy

All students shall demonstrate technology proficiency in grades 7-12 as a prerequisite to graduating from high school. The Technology Graduation Requirement will go into effect in the fall of 2009 and be required for graduation beginning with the high school class of 2013.

II. Administrative Regulations

The NETS are central to the requirement              
Creativity and Innovation Communication and Collaboration Research Information Fluency Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making Digital Citizenship Technology Operations and Concepts  
The Requirement
Students must complete three “Tech-Tagged” courses and/or projects There are two type of tags; 1) Skills Based Technology Courses, 2) Content Specific Courses that integrate projects that utilize technology as a tool. Students experience (1) tech-tag during intervals of Grades  7-8 , 9-10 , 11-12 Target tech “tag” rates within schools 2010 - 45%  2011 - 50% 2012 - 55% 2013 – 60% 

Quality Assurances
ABCUSD 2008 Technology Standards and Benchmarks NETS Rubrics Projects must address 4 of 6 NET standards Course Approval Process Teacher submit NETS Rubrics to Principal’s Designee Staff Development on Technology Integration 
Supporting Secondary Teacher Survey Data - 2007-2008
62% of district’s secondary school courses, across the curriculum, require technology-infused course projects.

70.5% of Tech Integrated Projects Classes are coming from the core subjects

On average, teachers who reported technology infused projects currently make connections to  3.8 of the 6 NETS

59.6% of teachers rate the easibility of aligning future projects to ALL 6 NETS as Easy / Somewhat Easy.


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