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GroupWise is the District's standard e-mail system. GroupWise can be accessed at your site by using the client version (icon on the desktop for support staff) or through the internet with webaccess (for teachers). 

Any staff member who has a GroupWise account can access his/her email through the internet from any computer at home or on the road.

Support personnel need to fill out an Access Authorization Form and signed by his/her supervisor.  In order to obtain a teacher account, the secretary or support staff supervisor simply e-mails JoAnn Goostree the teacher's name. Once the teacher account has been created, and you will be notified via e-mail when the account is ready for use.

See attached training information & a list of ABC's Master Mailing Lists which are maintained by JoAnn Goostree.  You can also create your own private mailing lists for your personal use. 

For any and all issues with GroupWise, please contact JoAnn Goostree, GW Administrator, at Ext. 21008.

=> GW Mailing Lists Info For Staff
=> GW7 Client Desktop Version
=> Gw7 Web Access Info
=> Proxy Rights - Granting
=> Proxy Rights - Accessing
=> Webaccess Account and Change Password

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