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Save your work and Backup regularly (PC and MAC)

If you've heard it once you've heard it a hundred times: Save your work on a regular basis. Your time is valuable. Even the experts will tell you that if you don't save about every 15 minutes one day you will lose valuable work that you spent a lot of time inputting. Not only that, you never know when your hard drive will fail on you. Always backup your important files onto floppies or zip disks for safe keeping. The procedure only takes a few minutes and it's well worth the time. In Windows, go to My Computer or Windows Explorer to fined your file. Right click on the file you wish to copy. On the menu that appears, select Send To, and choose Floppy Drive A. The file will now copy to a floppy disk for safekeeping. On the MAC OS drag the file onto the floppy or zip disk icon on the desktop. Remember, save and backup your files on a regular basis.

Spring Cleaning (PC/MAC)

Well it's that time of year again. Time for spring cleaning. I'm referring to your computer system. Just as you take your car in for regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly, you must make every effort to keep your computer running efficiently and ensure it's ready for next year. This is a good time to consider performing the following tasks:

=> Delete those files you no longer need.
=> Remove any .tmp files clogging up your hard drive.
=> Run ScanDisk to check your hard drive for errors (Start - Programs - Accessories- System Tools).
=> Defragment your hard drive to move file pieces into contiguous areas of your hard drive. This should speed up loading of files. (Start - Programs - Accessories - System Tools).
=> Empty the Trash or Recycle Bin.
=> Above all, consider updating your virus program.

 Warning: Do not run Scandisk or Disk Defragmenter on network drives. Only use them for your hard drive (Drive C:).

MAC Users: The following tasks will help your Mac run faster and more smoothly.

=> Rebuilding your Desktop file. As you turn on your computer hold down the Option and ? keys. Keep them down until the Mac explicitly asks you whether you want to rebuild the Desktop. Click on OK. This should clear up any generic icon problems and eliminate any Application not found messages.
=> To defragment your MAC hard drive you may need to purchase a program designed specifically for defragging hard drives such as Norton Utilities.

Virus Infections

A virus is a computer program that is made to create havoc. Inserting or downloading programs into your computer, from disks or the Internet can transfer it. Some viruses will react immediately while others lurk until a certain date, then activate themselves. It is very important that you have an anti-virus program running on all computers and that you update the virus information regularly.

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