ABC Unified School District



1. Sheila Lornager of IT will schedule a delivery date and an IT Install date  for your school.  

2. Plan a parking space for the delivery truck to unload. Make sure the location is coned off and is close to the building.  

3. Plan ahead where to stage the shipment. You will need a secure location with enough space to sort the computers by type/room. Each computer box exterior will have a lable listing the computer's building / department / room# for your easy sorting. If you’re expecting a large shipment, you may need helpers.  

4. Keep 20% of the MAC boxes in case of need to return “DOA's" (Dead on Arrivals) computers. PC's are prescreened so there is no need to keep 20% of the boxes.  

5. You will need to check in the units using the vendor’s packing list, the ABCUSD Asset Tag spreadsheet and a copy of the District purchase order.

a. Match the Property Control # and Serial # on the spreadsheet with the actual unit.  

b. Fill in information on the spreadsheet for Building, Room #, and Department.  

c. Make sure that equipment goes to the location indicated on the spreadsheet. If any change, make sure the correct location is noted on the spreadsheet.  

d. Mark receipts on your purchase order copy in accordance with sample provided. - If order is complete per line item, circle the quantity, initial and date.   - If order not complete per line item, write the quantity received, initial and date.   - If/when order is complete, sign, date and write “Order Complete”.   - Always use the same copy of the purchase order to show first and subsequent receipts so that when the order is complete, all receipt dates and quantities are shown together on that master copy. That way, each copy of the order sent to District reflects all receipts to date. e. After receipt is complete, package the ABC Asset Tag Spreadsheet, vendor packing list and purchase order copy and send to Sheila's attention in the IT Department. Sheila will forward the paperwork to Purchasing. Your prompt return of paperwork enables the prompt payment of vendors and avoids interest and finance charges to your site.  

6. If your old equipment is designated as surplus, call Dave Konkolewski in Purchasing for salvage instructions. If you keep old equipment and move it to a different location on campus, you need to give Dave a list showing the ABCUSD asset tag #, description of unit, and new building and room #. If a high school, we also need department name where equipment is now located. This information is required to update our asset control system which is monitored by district auditors and is also used for insurance purposes.

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